Wilson Henderson Consulting provides services to progressive organizations to help improve company and financial results. By partnering with clients and working in the organization, this helps make lasting improvements in the organization’s performance and enhances the firm’s ability to deliver on its strategy, growth, and innovation agendas. With a proven ability to design and execute on projects consistently, Wilson Henderson Consulting delivers superior and sustainable results for shareholders.

Wilson Henderson Consulting is a management consulting firm which support client companies to improve their business and management performance.

We provide companies with robust solutions that are geared towards the effective implementation of advanced, value focused, strategic, financial management and governance practices. We firmly believe that companies should seek to maximize shareholder value creation over time through a responsible and value based approach to their practices.

We have expertise in a wide range of disciplines and have aided companies in varying fields including strategy, information technology, management, value based management and strategic human resource management. Our vision is for organizations to improve their economic performance on a sustainable basis and thereby increase enterprise value for the long term.

Proven Results

Mr. Henderson has served many clients in varying roles, whether as a trusted advisor to the owner or shareholder or providing a hands on approach in a project, no matter the challenge, the focus is on delivering practical and sustainable results.

The key difference in our services is that we get to know your organizational needs and people intimately and bring global best practice and solutions to suit those needs in a cost effective manner which delivers results beyond your expectations. Here is a sample of projects with proven delivered results:
Business and Financial Results

Provision of financial design services - Economic Value Add (EVA)


Provision of strategic planning services

Management Consultancy

Provision of management consultancy services

Governance and Advisory

Provision of governance and advisory services


Provision of leadership training and development services

Project Management

Provision of project management services

Information Technology

Provision of technical expertise

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