The Digital Firm – Digital Transformation

The Client

Our client, a company headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago is in the services industry. The company is engaged in the sale, distribution and service of international brands and has experienced significant growth since it was founded decades ago. The CEO recognizing that the company, although performing well, was still stuck in the past with manual paper-based driven processes and an old way of operating, which was not suitable for where the company needed to be in the future.

The Problem

The company has relied heavily on human and paper driven execution of processes and management. The main problem with the paper-based system included errors in manual data entry, lengthy processing and slow inefficient processes with a lack of management visibility, especially with cost management. Their manual-based processes were time consuming and inefficient.


Our Solution

By taking a strategic digital approach, blending human with technology capabilities, our client kickstarted their digital transformation efforts for effective results.

Our proposal laid the foundation for the firm’s digital transformation efforts. As a first step, the company had to engage in digitization. What this meant was transferring all data from paper to implemented software solutions. We started by assessing the ‘as is’ state of the company and where it wanted to go. We looked at the people, process, technology, and data needs. We then identified and prioritized affordable solutions and managed the implementation, training and handoff to internal operations of chosen solutions across the entire value chain of the business. We then drove digital transformation initiatives to generate increased shareholder and stakeholder value.

The Results

Our hands-on approach was different from typical management consulting companies, who may just recommend what has to be done. We actually get digital transformation done. We enable and empower our clients to achieve the digitization to digital transformation leap that is scalable and sustainable.

The results of these efforts deliver exceptional value. Implemented solutions automate and change the way things are done internally for the company, essentially transforming people and operating processes by using and leveraging technology. Employees build upon newly acquired digital skills that has transformed the way they work and shifted old paradigms to a new operating model. This has led to an agile way of working for our client. Coupled with the value from having a digital empowered workforce, management can now make decisions based on data and insights from analysis, a stark difference from having employees comb through paper to produce reports which would have taken extensive work hours and time.

The overarching result has been fast and simplified processes and decision making. This sets up the use of the right KPIs to monitor progress toward strategic outcomes. This allowed our client to create value quickly and delight their customers while demonstrating how digital technologies improved their ways of working and customer interactions with the business. We assisted, from day one, in training, coaching, on-the-job learning and upskilling, which were essential and successful elements of managing internal talent and building digital skills. The result of infusing new technologies has also setup a foundation upon which the business can leapfrog into other opportunities such as AI and the Internet of Things, which can enhance their transformation and spur new competitive advantages. An all-important result of this project, is that we worked to align governance, operating processes, and organizational structure with technology, an integrated operating model which has resulted in fewer silos. This has laid the foundation for an exciting future for our client.


The Testimonial

Our approach and plans have resulted in a strategic focus on company direction, a revitalized organization, and improved business results described by the client as nothing less than “exceptional.”

The CEO credits our efforts with providing “valuable insights” that encouraged a revised approach to its digital transformation agenda.

From our digital transformation projects, we help companies develop a robust digital management system and plan for the future that delivers on infusing and driving technological change. We show them how to bring their business and technology together, at a reasonable cost and how to lead this transformation across every level and department of the organization.

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