How to Recruit Top Talent for your Business

Your Problem

Organizations require top talent for it to grow and succeed in a crowded human capital marketplace.  The key challenge for small businesses centers on how to attract top tier talent away from larger and often much sought-after easily recognized organizations. The key to doing this is to play to your own strengths. Read about some sure-fire ways to help you achieve this strategic objective.

Understanding People aka “The Talent”

If you’ve been having trouble attracting good talent, it may be a good time to step back and ask yourself why are talented job seekers not considering your business as an employment option.

Further, for small and medium businesses, the challenge is to find the right people that integrates into your business seamlessly that meshes with the already established workplace culture and people that have joined your business expedition.

To build on this, think about the variety of reasons why people may not apply to your organization and consider the following:

  1. Are they aware of potential job opportunities within your organization?
  2. Are you relying only on traditional communication channels solely to get your job advertisements to potential hires?
  3. Is the job interesting and challenging enough to attract the right talent?
  4. Is your company brand image appealing?
  5. Have you identified the perfect candidate for the job – demographics, psychographics, life stage etc.


These questions should lead you to answer the next question of whether your recruitment and selection tactics are in alignment to your talent acquisition strategies.

Quick and Easy Wins

To get in alignment, consider the following quick and easy wins (solutions) to get the right talent into your business:

  1. Utilize social media channels to help propel your recruitment advertisements and messages to your specific target audience.
  2. Build a strong company brand to include continuous messages on what you are up too.
  3. Network constantly. Talent may exist within your already established networks.
  4. Define your perfect candidate and their value proposition. This will help you easily identify the right talent for your current and future needs.
  5. Simplify your recruiting and selection process. Ensure it adheres to global best practice but don’t be afraid to hire.
  6. Integrate your training and development agenda into your recruiting practices. Letting people know about their career paths, training and development agenda within your organization before they join will they get them excited during the recruitment stage.
  7. Identify what your organization brings to the table. Recruitment conversations should be treated as a two-way conversation, first to get the talent to the table and second, to inspire potential candidates to want to join your organization.
  8. Look for potential. Link your organization to a local university or community college, identify top potential before they hit the marketplace.


You don’t have to do this work alone

Remember that the point of hiring or partnering with an external company like us is to help craft your talent strategy and to draw upon our expertise. We bring something to the table that you don’t have — experience and industry expertise across many different clients — and we can provide value and best practices. Your short-term investment in our time is designed to help your business reap bigger benefits over the long haul.

Let us help you design a talent management strategy and roadmap that can help your business or organization achieve its strategic recruitment and selection goals. Setup a free quick virtual call with us here to get started.