Understanding engagement

Much has been written about employee engagement. For any business owner or executive, understanding engagement is paramount to having a productive workforce. When we speak engagement, we mean the level of workforce commitment and connection to the organization such that it manifests in productive behaviours.

Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver of business success for modern organizations. High levels of engagement indicate that people remain longer with the organization which translates into fostering customer loyalty and improve organizational performance and stakeholder value.

How can one understand the level of engagement a workforce has?


Conduct a survey

To understand how engaged employees are in the organization, you can design and deploy an employee engagement survey. A number of surveys do exist in the market and we can help you with choosing the best one that is both cost effective and suits your organizational needs.

Organizations that conduct research on employee engagement can then categorize groups of employees and understand their individual engagement scores as well as group scores.

This then helps the organization decide on and design appropriate engagement programmes that are tailor made to suit both individual and group preferences. By doing so, such programmes become more effective at increasing engagement levels.


Brief Recommendations

Based on the results of an employee engagement survey, initiatives and recommendations can take the form of:

  1. Employee creative cards
  2. Innovative days
  3. Building social dynamics workshops
  4. Compensation and rewards programmes
  5. Buddy groups


Remember, keep it simple and spread initiatives and the engagement programme over a period of a year. Then redo the survey and see if results improve.


You don’t have to do this work alone

Remember that the point of hiring or partnering with an external company to help craft your employee engagement programme is to draw upon their expertise. They bring something to the table that you don’t have — experience and industry expertise across many different clients — and can provide value and best practices. Your short-term investment in their time is designed to help your business reap bigger benefits over the long haul.

Let us help you design an employee engagement programme that can help your business or organization achieve its strategic goals. Setup a quick free virtual call with us here.